One Year Lab Support Package

All In one Solution for New and Existing Lab.

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Are You Planning to Start a New Lab? Or, Are you the owner of a struggling Lab?

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“A lab test done wrong is more harmful than a test not done. “

Plan and Design lab

If you are a new lab owner, contact our Scientific’s installation team, backed by experts who have more than 30 years of experience.

Our team includes factory authorized and certified trained persons in Medical laboratory installation of various Laboratory types of equipment furniture and other fields regarding laboratories.

We apply our expertise to create a highly functional laboratory that makes efficient use of your lab space.

MDMC also offers complete mechanical and non-mechanical installation options for new lab facilities and renovation projects.

We Specialize in Customized medical laboratory Design project management and maintenance work.

Equipment and Reagent selection

After the completion of Laboratory installation, our maintenance staff is also readily available to perform check-ups on your equipment to make sure you’re meeting all – quality and safety standards.
Laboratory equipment is an important integral and part of your lab.

Protecting and optimizing the performance of your medical laboratory equipment are time-consuming, expensive and more confusing what to do and when to do.

Problems Faced By Labs and Professionals

For lab owners, new or old alike have similar issues like hiring efficient lab employees, Purchasing or leasing expensive instrumentation and equipment, workplace safety and environmental regulations, reducing operating costs and under-utilization of laboratories resources.But New, large and small labs need to take different approaches to solve similar problems.Medical Lab Professionals are facing problems like constant changes in healthcare, stressing work environment, limited interaction with upper management and short staffed lab.Short staffed means with many in the workforce nearing retirement, there are not enough new professionals coming in to replace them.This is an issue many of the existing labs face.

Staff selection and Training.

We have an educational section that trains students and professionals in the latest courses in the medical field.

MDMC also conducts Bi-Monthly seminars on Latest Topics and Tends in medical and lab sectors.

All Sessions handled by Experts.

MDMC Solution

Our “One Year Lab Support Package” walks you through all the steps to effectively run your lab.

MDMC is a mixture of youth blended with experience and knowledge.

New, Big or small your clinical laboratory, we have plans that suit your need.

We offer a range of affordable support packages to improve your productivity, utilization of your equipment, quality results, training of staffs, standardization of the laboratory with NABL norms, and Laboratory internal audits.

MBMC will provide you convenient asses to quality control backup service, which will eliminate the uncontrolled trouble, unplanned maintenance and repairs and erroneous reports, that will help you to lower down your running coast, manpower, loss of time, confusion, and keep your goodwill.

Our plans are tailored to produce maximum ROI without compromising on quality or patient care, dedicated to your unique needs.

If you have any questions about one year support package, Internal audit service, laboratory installation, services and maintenance.

Please contact our specialists for a FREE 30 MINUTE consultation with you.

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